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It's okay to be impressed.

Information Management Can be a Perfect Science

Say goodbye to data chaos.

With the NuGenesis Scientific Data Management System (SDMS), your data is intelligently aggregated, reliably stored, and easily accessed by everyone — so it's more, well, manageable.

Inefficiency is so yesterday.

Documentation is Now Digital

We're saving your sanity. And trees.

It's not just a clever name. The NuGenesis Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) lets you document observations and exchange information with other software solutions in seconds.

Up to 90% less paper

Solve Compliance Challenges and Reduce Costs.

Your plan is off to a great start.

However, for a plan to be effective it must be followed. You'll need the data security, traceability, and accessibility of NuGenesis for that.

Time is money

Less Complexity.
Fewer Expenses

You're not dreaming.

The flexibility of NuGenesis 8 means it's easy to scale and deploy. Plus, it can seamlessly capture data from most analytical or business applications.

Translation: Less time and money. You're welcome.

"Lab Automation" isn't an oxymoron

Tasks, Tests, Metrics, and Status

They're all measured in simplicity now.

Whether you're managing samples or inventories, we've got your numbers. Designed for every use, NuGenesis offers comprehensive features for tracking, assigning, and managing the nuances of your product. Now you can get to market faster.

Like no other.

NuGenesis 8 Featuring LE Technologies

One phenomenal data management solution.

NuGenesis 8 featuring Laboratory Execution (LE) Technologies encompasses NuGenesis SDMS and NuGenesis ELN — that puts data management, electronic laboratory notebook, workflow management, lab inventories, and sample management in one solution. LE Technologies reduce manual interaction and facilitate the transfer of testing results between laboratory and business systems.

With this system, it's easy to build intelligent, customized electronic methods for the analyses you perform. Simply put, LE Technologies are building the lab of the future.

A more effective lab.

Pharmaceutical organizations can experience the simplicity and ease born of the LE Technologies of NuGenesis. Building analytical testing methods for your specific needs — by leveraging our expertise in Compliance, SDMS, ELN, Lab Inventories, Integration, Workflow and Sample Management — is what we do.